World's Top Airport Lounges

Find the ultimate in preflight comfort at these 12 airport lounges that beg you to stay awhile.

Courtesy of Qantas
OF 13

Qantas First Lounge, Sydney Airport

Modernity—polished surfaces, clear glass, stainless steel, and a cold sterility—is the norm of airport luxury today, give or take a leather armchair or two. Which is why we’re thrilled with the 98-foot, 8,400-plant vertical garden that greets passengers at the Qantas First Lounge at Sydney Airport. (The garden theme is also present in each of the Payot Paris day spa treatment rooms.) Thanks to the greenery, the air feels cleaner and fresher here, helping guests forget (for a moment perhaps) that they’re actually in transit. The upper floor of the lounge, designed by Marc Newson and replete with recliners and sofas (in addition to those leather armchairs), also includes an open-kitchen restaurant serving food by Australian chef Neil Perry. International Terminal; —MD