Where the Chefs Love to Eat

The renowned cooks behind some of the most beloved restaurants in the world tell us where they prefer to grab a bite.

Michael Piazza
OF 24

Tony Maws

Boston-area native and James Beard Award–winning chef Tony Maws knows the city’s dining scene like the back of his own (very skillful) hand. It’s one reason why his Cambridge and Somerville restaurants, Craigie on Main (853 Main St.; 617-497-5511; craigieonmain.com) and Kirkland Tap and Trotter (425 Washington St.; 857-259-6585; kirklandtapandtrotter.com), respectively, are consistently the most coveted tables. It also means he has a great sense for the best places to eat on the rare night off. He can’t resist the beef tongue with peppercorn oil, tree ear mushrooms, peanuts, and pickled pepper dish at Chilli Garden in Medford (41 Riverside Ave.; 781-396-8488; chilligardenmedford.com). “I could eat the entire Sichuan appetizer section every time I go,” he says. “After work, it’s soppressata pizza and a beer at A4 outside of Union Square in Somerville: Good beer list, good tunes—a bit of a hipster vibe, but I still dig it,” he adds (445 Somerville Ave.; 617-764-4190; areafour.com). And on game days, he’ll head to Fenway Park for a sausage with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce from the Sausage Connection (Lansdowne St.; 617-818-6167; sausageconnection.com). “There is no better way to start a home stand.”

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