Casey Spooner

The artist names fascinating phrases, steamy traditions, and surreal travel.

Highly subjective takes on life's most interesting experiences.

What’s the most interesting tradition you’ve ever experienced?

I love the bathhouses in Moscow. The hottest sauna ever, the felt hats, the cold plunge, the whipping of wet oak leaves, wrapped in sheets, drinking tea.

What was your most surreal travel experience?

Flying on the Concorde. The jetlag was more intense because the flying time was so much shorter. And it was so surreal to watch the sun pass by in fast motion. It really altered my perception of time and space!

Favorite word or phrase in a language not your own?

Gostoso — a Brazilian word for when a person’s hot, as in, sexy; or when a food’s tasty.

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Casey Spooner

An artist whose career for 30 years has moved fluidly between music, film, photography, performance, and design, Spooner has intuitively anticipated cultural shifts, with a hand in defining the intersection of art, spectacle and entertainment. He’s updated the notion of gesamstkunstwerk for the twenty-first century incorporating celebrity, social media, and advertising. Most recently he staged a mock presidential campaign, SPOONER2020, enacting the fantasy of a radical politician as a way to process the trauma of the current political landscape. He’s currently preparing his first NFT crypto art release for June 2021.

Victoria Rosselli Illustrator

Victoria Rosselli is a Brooklyn-based art director and designer who operates in brand and editorial. She is a Designer at Departures.


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