Wake Up Calls

Across the globe, from sleepy beach havens to sleepless metropolises, a wakeup call is a standard hotel service designed to do just that—wake you up—but what if it could be something more? What if it were something that could awaken your mind and body? In search of those sensory experiences, The Leading Hotels of the World has found destinations around that globe that deliver an invigorating boost, which will rouse your serendipitous spirit and stir your adventurous soul. From an awe-inspiring sunrise over a mountain range to a revitalizing afternoon tea ceremony, these Wake Up Calls will rejuvenate your overall sense of wellbeing and make you feel fully awakened.

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Revive Your Soul With a Traditional Moroccan Tea

Across the city, the souks, or markets, showcase a sundry of everything from argan oil to traditional tea sets—complete with delightful miniature silver teaspoons. Indulge your wanderlust in Marrakech’s winding streets and then recharge with a traditional Moroccan tea at La Mamounia. For locals, tea is symbol of hospitality and friendship, and they take great pride in preparing it. Sipped throughout the day, after every meal, and with nearly every conversation, it combines an invigorating blend of gunpowder green tea and soothing fresh mint leaves steeped in boiling water and sweetened with sugar. Poured from an ornate kettle into delicate glasses placed on an elaborately etched, decorative silver tray, every detail is carefully considered and presented. This traditional tea engenders a clear wakefulness for appreciating good company and a gorgeous setting.