Underground Chef Dinners

A new breed of exclusive dining experiences showcases the handiwork of top-tier chefs.

Cindy Kunst
OF 11

Blind Pig Supper Club, Asheville, North Carolina

The Blind Pig of Asheville specializes in grand, often themed events, like a traditional Japanese dinner in a 138-year-old Appalachian dairy barn in the dead of winter or an ode to Ernest Hemingway involving mofongo rabbit and suckling pig cooked over a spit and open coals in an antiques warehouse. A portion of the profits from each dinner goes toward a local charity.

What’s Cooking: Bone marrow with escargot and lemon; pork belly with Nutella and a salted graham cracker; moonshine cake with blood orange.

How to Get a Seat: Visit the website for information on upcoming dinners and to purchase tickets. $50–$150; blindpigofasheville.com.