You Can Zip Line Through Skyscrapers in Dubai

Courtesy XLine Dubai Marina

Listen up, thrill seekers.

Dubai is known for its luxe, over-the-top experiences, but here’s something a little, um, different: zip lining through the sky-high buildings in Dubai’s marina neighborhood.

This isn’t a new activity; people have been buying tickets to XDubai’s XLine since it opened in December 2017. And it’s not the first attraction to feature zip-lining around the city. According to Travel + Leisure, there’s another zip line near Burj Khalifa—the tallest building in the world—from the same company but it’s about half as fast as the XLine.

Creative-Family/Getty Images

Reaching speeds of 50 mph for distances up to 3,280 feet, you’ll coast more than 550 feet above the ground on this trip. It also features a parallel zip line, so you can sail through the air next to a friend or loved one. Talk about moral support.

Unlike most zip lines that will have you in a sitting position as you ride, XLine sets up its flyers lying down, giving them a front-row view of the ground (far) below.


The attraction is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. After booking tickets online, head to the XLine booth in the Dubai Marina Mall for a quick check-in, where you’ll be fitted with safety equipment and your harness. Just a heads up: They will weigh you, but this is only to make sure they have you matched with the correct harness. Each rider will also be set up with an on-body camera that will record your journey from the mall to the Amwaj Towers.

Courtesy XLine Dubai Marina

Solo zip line rides cost $180 and if you want to run with a friend, tickets will cost $330. For more information on the experience, head to the XDubai website.