These Travel Traits Are the Most Annoying to American Fliers

EduLeite/Getty Images

The downside of commercial flying: other passengers.  

As airlines seem to be improving, we're seeing better wine and culinary offerings, and even airports themselves are getting savvy with their amenities (Singapore's Changi Airport has a rooftop swimming pool, 24-hour movie theater, and butterfly garden) you'd think as passengers we'd have little woes left when traveling by air. 

But a new study conducted by the team at travel comparison site, looked into what American passengers find the most annoying when flying. The worst culprits? Fellow passengers leaning back in their seat, taking their shoes off, and talking too loudly. 

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The study was conducted by the team as part of ongoing research into the traveling habits of Americans, with 4,642 people over the age of 18 polled on their opinions on fellow travelers. All respondents revealed that they had boarded a flight at least once in the last 12 months, whether domestic or outbound.

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On the subject of flying, respondents were asked which traits they found to be the most annoying in fellow passengers. Here is what topped their list: 

1.      Leaning back in their seat – 76%

2.      Taking their shoes off – 55%

3.      Talking loudly – 53%

4.      Taking up too much room – 31%

5.      Kicking the back of my seat– 20%

The results also found that the whole flying experience really stresses Americans out. Their results showed that almost three-quarters of Americans (73%) felt that they became irritated more easily when they travel, and more than two thirds (68%) said that they had blown a fuse while flying.

When asked what irritated them the most during traveling, the most common answers given were ‘running late’ (26%), ‘getting lost’ (21%), and ‘being delayed’ (19%). Do any of these sound familiar?