And the World's Most Liveable City Is...

Manfred Gottschalk/Getty Images

Melbourne has been unseated as the World's most liveable city.

With its stunning baroque architecture, legendary café culture, and historic museums, it should come as no surprise that Vienna was just named the most liveable city in 2018, in a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

It also happens to be the first time a European city has topped the list, as Melbourne has held the number one spot for the last seven years. Prior to 2011, Vancouver held the title as the most liveable city for an impressive eight years.  

© Wientourismus/Peter Rigaud

The EIU's annual report ranks the quality of life in 140 of the World's most populated cities, and since the inception of the report, cities from New Zealand, Canada, and Australia have topped the list. The list also includes the 10 least livable cities across the globe with Damascus, Syria at number one.

The rankings are determined based on more than 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five categories: stability, healthcare, culture, education, and infrastructure. Out of a possible maximum score of 100, Vienna came in at 99.1 with Melbourne at 98.4. Not one U.S. city has made the top 10 list in the last four years. 

Read on for the most and least liveable cities in the world.

The 10 Most Liveable Cities 

10. Adelaide, Australia

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Toronto, Canada

7. Tokyo, Japan

6. Vancouver, Canada

5. Sydney, Australia

4. Calgary, Canada

3. Osaka, Japan

2. Melbourne, Australia

1. Vienna, Austria

The 10 Least Liveable Cities

10. Dakar, Senegal

9. Algiers, Algeria

8. Douala, Cameroon

7. Tripoli, Libya

6. Harare, Zimbabwe

5. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

4. Karachi, Pakistan

3. Lagos, Nigeria

2. Dhaka, Bangladesh

1. Damascus, Syria