The World’s Most Expensive Island Is for Sale

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Bonus: It comes with private beach resorts.

You could live in the Arabian Peninsula on an island spanning 660-acres––if you’ve got more than $460 million, that is. The Al Marjan Islands is actually a collection of four man-made islands in the United Arab Emirates. But this is no remote paradise in the middle of the ocean; quite the opposite of remote, actually.

According to The Daily Mail, the private island is home to five-star hotels, clubs, and private beach resorts. In short, there’s a chance you’ll be making a bit of money after clearing out your wallet for the actual island.

Courtesy Al Marjan Island

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The four islands––named Treasure Island, Dream Island, Breeze Island, and View Island––span over five million square feet, in total. And, as you have probably already guessed, they all have incredible views of the surrounding Arabian Gulf.

Courtesy Marjan Island Resort & Spa

According to the listing, foreign buyers won’t have to pay income tax or deal with foreign exchange controls since there’s already a bustling infrastructure located on the islands. As with much of the UAE, these islands emit a seriously luxurious vibe.

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There’s even room to build more on the series of islands. Suddenly the upfront cost doesn’t seem as outrageous. For more information on the islands, check out the Al Marjan website.