VistaJet Launches Jet-to-Yacht Service for More Seamless Travel

Leonid Andronov/Courtesy VistaJet

For anyone looking to get to their yacht in Malta this summer, this is the plan for you.

As destinations begin to open up and travel seems to be on the horizon again, many wanderlusters are wondering how they can safely vacation this summer. Plus, a lot is still up in the air as to which airlines will be functioning and to where they’ll be flying. But one company has solved the problem for some travelers who were planning to charter a yacht this season.

VistaJet, the first and only global aviation company, just announced its new jet-to-yacht service as a unique and safe way to access yachts during the current climate ahead of the summer travel season. Those who were planning to charter a yacht, or own one, are likely concerned about how they will reach it. Global safety requirements and regulations this year are particularly complicated, adding a lot of stress on what’s meant to be a relaxing time. 

Courtesy VistaJet

“VistaJet announced a new jet-to-yacht service this week to help those who may be concerned about how they will reach it this summer,” Ian Moore, Chief Commercial Officer at VistaJet, told Departures. “The exclusive VistaJet-to-Yacht service is a unique and safe way for customers to access their yachts in Malta during the current climate. All that’s required is a passport or visa which allows the traveler to travel to Malta—the rest can be left with us.” 

So, what’s their solution? The process is simple. All Members need is a passport, and VistaJet will take care of the rest. You request your flight—departure, date and time, number of passengers, etc.—and provide your health declaration for the flight. VistaJet takes care of the rest. They handle scheduling your yacht via a local agent, secure your flight, provide a private customs and VIP lounge on arrival, secure direct transport from the aircraft to the marina, and ensure the yacht is stock with your preferred items. All staff along the way will be wearing masks, and a nurse will be available to take temperatures of everyone traveling.

Courtesy VistaJet

The only detail is the yacht has to be moored in Malta to take advantage of the jet-to-yacht service. So, if you were hoping to sail out of a different port, you would have to switch your starting and ending location. But Malta is certainly not a bad place to start and end a journey.