Three Rare Vintage Stainless Steel Fords Are Up for Auction

Courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers

Three vintage cars are better than one, right?

It’s always a treat for car lovers when an ultra-rare vehicle hits the market. But, when three go up for auction, that’s a downright auto miracle. Well, that’s what will happen this September when three vintage Fords made of stainless steel will be available for purchase.

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The cars result from a 1935 partnership between Ford and steel producer Allegheny Ludlum to show off the durability and aesthetic appeal of stainless steel. Only 11 were ever manufactured, making them some of the rarest Fords ever. Now, three of them are available for sale: a 1936 Ford Deluxe Sedan, 1960 Ford Thunderbird, and a 1967 Lincoln Convertible.

Courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers

“This is the first time a set of these cars has ever come to auction,” World Wide Auctioneers posted on their Instagram account. “Unique and iconic, they are extraordinary artifacts from a dynamic era of innovation for the steel and automotive industries in America.”

According to the listing, these cars are not only striking visually but also really were built to last. For example, the Thunderbird has more than 100,000 miles on it and 60 years of use and still retains its original exhaust system. And the 1967 Lincoln Convertible was the last stainless steel car manufactured and features all standard issued parts except for the unique body. Only three of those were ever made.

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“They are extraordinary artifacts from a dynamic era of innovation for both the steel and automotive industries in America,” reads the description. “After lifetime custodianship Allegheny Ludlum believes that they deserve to take their place in a significant collection or museum where they can be more widely appreciated in a collector car environment for generations to come, and we are honored to have been entrusted with their sale.”

A price estimate has not been released yet, but there is no reserve on the lot that hits the block on September 5 in Auburn, Indiana.