Europe's First Underwater Restaurant Just Opened

Ivar Kvaal/Courtesy Snøhetta

And it's already one of the most coveted dinner reservations in the world.

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Europe’s first underwater restaurant is now open off the southern coast of Norway. Predictably, it’s already becoming one of the most coveted dinner reservations in the world.

Despite only having its soft opening on Wednesday, Under already has more than 7,000 reservations. And paying guests won’t be able to get into the restaurant until April.

Because the restaurant is only capable of serving 40 guests at a time, it will take months to work through the build-up. According to the Under website, the earliest reservations available for two guests are currently in August.

Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge/Courtesy Snøhetta

André Martinsen/Courtesy Snøhetta

Guests will dine on a set tasting menu, consisting of seasonal, local ingredients and ridiculously fresh seafood. But despite a mouth-watering menu (the head chef is Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen, who has worked at Michelin-starred establishments around Scandinavia), it’s probably not the food that most people are waiting for.

“The fascination is just this movement from above water to underwater through the building,” Kjetil Traedal Thorsen, the founder of Snoehetta (the architecture firm that built the restaurant), told Reuters. “The big window exposes the underwater not like an aquarium, it’s the real thing.”

Inger Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge/Courtesy Snøhetta; Fotograf Stian Broch/Courtesy Snøhetta

Ivar Kvaal/Courtesy Snøhetta

More than half the sperm whale-shaped structure is submerged underwater, allowing guests an unprecedented and immersive experience in Norwegian waters. Diners will enter the restaurant through its uppermost level, which includes a foyer and cloakroom. The middle level houses a champagne bar and the main restaurant space is located on the lowest floor.

Luckily, the long waiting list will give you time to save up for a meal. An 18-course menu, with drinks, will set you back $430 (3,700 krone) per person.

Ivar Kvaal/Courtesy Snøhetta

Ivar Kvaal/Courtesy Snøhetta

If you’re planning a trip, you’ll likely want to stay overnight. The closest airport is an hour drive away.

Not only is Under the first underwater restaurant in Europe, but it’s the largest in the world. There are other, warmer locations, mainly in the Maldives and Indian Ocean, where diners can submerge themselves to eat fresh seafood among the fish.