Ultimate Outdoor Spa Experiences

Courtesy of Shangri-La

These nine hotels offer top-notch treatments in the most beautiful, and natural, settings around the world.

Heading to the hotel spa for a few hours of relaxation may be a tried-and-true vacation indulgence, but luxury properties around the world today have upped the ante beyond providing lavish locker rooms and en-suite treatment spaces. These days the new wave are doing all they can to take their sumptuous services outside the confines of a four-walled room and into nature.

At Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico, for example, guests can book a hammock massage in one of the two Treehouse treatment rooms and unwind to the sounds of swaying trees. Wheatleigh, the 19-room palazzo-like mansion in Lenox, Massachusetts, offers massages 24 hours a day in its 22-acre gardens. Pick from one of the many lush areas alongside the rose garden or underneath a Japanese white pine. Or there’s the Beverly Hills Peninsula, which lets guests get manicures, reflexology treatments and scalp or body massages while lying back on lounge chairs in one of the 12 poolside cabanas.

The increase in demand for outdoor services is not surprising when you consider our growing reliance on technology—and the subsequent desire for respite from its clutches, explains Mia Kyricos, chief brand officer of Spafinder Wellness, Inc., a New York City–based spa marketing and media company. “We are a nature-starved society,” she says. “Since seasoned travelers have had their fair share of traditional treatments, connecting with the outdoors is innovative and refreshing.”

Read on for nine ultimate outdoor spa experiences to indulge in now.