Top Yoga Retreats

Courtesy Wanderlust Fesitval

Take your yoga practice on vacation at these round-the-world

Few forms of escapism are as wholesome as yoga. As its
millions of acolytes attest, regular yoga practice not only alleviates stress
and improves strength and flexibility (recent reports even credit it for
enhanced sexual health), it’s also an activity that can be done just about
anywhere. Just taking a smartphone-free hour to practice sun salutations can
feel like a mini-vacation.

But even for the yogically inclined, more than an hourlong getaway is sometimes necessary. It’s certainly alluring, especially when there are so many options for rolling up your sticky mat and dashing off to an exotic locale.

These days, there are yoga retreats that cater to every
ability level and goal. Some, like the Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat at
Shreyas Resort in Bangalore, emphasize the traditional holistic benefits of
yoga (participants receive health and dietary consultations, plus personalized ayurvedic spa treatments, along with their classes). Others, like
Yada Yada Yoga’s Bespoke Yoga Retreat at the St. Regis Bahia Beach, offers
guests the opportunity to combine yoga with other activities like
paddleboarding, kayaking and hiking, while others offer it as a double bill
with music, photography and cultural study.

Whether the goal is serenity or invigoration, ancient traditions
or innovative approaches, here are ten places to make your escape.