Top Fashion Designer Hotels and Suites

Courtesy Hotel Notre Dame

Fashion legends are putting their signatures on
design-focused suites and hotels around the world.

Among the world’s most celebrated fashion designers, there are those whose collections are so iconic and truly transformative that, given the opportunity, you would choose to live in their creations. Now, thanks to an emerging trend in travel, you can—by simply making a reservation.

Over the past few years, a growing number of international style arbiters, from Christian Lacroix and Armani to Missoni and Dior, have been teaming up with high-end resorts and hotels to put their distinctive stamp on properties around the globe. Some, like Diane Von Furstenberg and Oscar De La Renta, were tapped to rework the décor of a suite or series of rooms at a single property, while others have gone so far as to partner with major developers to launch eponymous hotel brands that span from Australia to South America to the Middle East.

These ultra-chic living spaces reflect the fashion brands’ unique personalities and exemplify the way that they themselves would choose to travel and live. For example, the Bottega Veneta St. Regis Hotel suite in Rome features a sophisticated, neutral palate. “We wanted to respect the character of the hotel and acknowledge the light of Rome through Bottega Veneta colors, materials and furniture,” says the brand’s Creative Director Tomas Maier, who designed the space.

In each of these runway-ready locales, it’s not simply the linens on the bed or fabric upholstered onto the settees that subtly (and, in the case of Missoni, perhaps not so subtly) speaks the designer’s name. It’s also the branded amenities in the bathroom, commissioned artwork on the walls and an array of quirky signature services that evoke an idealized—and always stylish—travel lifestyle.

Even when you aren’t living out of a carry-on, it can be an ongoing challenge to keep ahead of the trends. Fortunately, these ten properties make it infinitely easier to stay in style—even if you never leave your hotel room.