Top Bath Products at Luxury Hotels

Courtesy Molton Brown

Where to find favorite beauty brands while on the road.

Traveling with cherished lotions and potions is always
a nerve-wracking proposition. Is TSA going to confiscate your face wash and eye
crèmes, even if the bottles are under 3 ounces and packed in a quart-size,
zip-top, clear plastic bag? Is your shampoo going to explode in your checked
luggage? And forget about bringing favorite fragrance bottles on the road.
That’s an olfactory catastrophe waiting to happen.

This is why it’s helpful that leading hotels around the
world have been partnering with high-end beauty brands to offer in-room

Take, for example, Acqualina Resort and Spa, in Miami.
“In keeping with our Mediterranean-inspired resort, we felt an Italian
contemporary and sophisticated brand would be an ideal match,” says the
resort’s vice chairman and principal Deborah Yager Fleming. “We feature Etro’s
Relent fragrance, which is a unisex scent, is relaxing and allows one to
surrender to peace.”

Paul Stracey, general manager of South Carolina’s
Charleston Place, an Orient Express hotel, began using Gilchrist & Soames
products last year. “We realized that guests don’t want to use unfamiliar
products with unknown ingredients,” he says.

Old-guard luxury hotels, such as Ritz-Carltons and
Waldorf Astorias, tend to stock iconic international labels, such as Acqua di
Parma, Ferragamo and Hermès, while more contemporary hotels, such as Thompson
Hotels and Morgans Hotel Group, opt for Kiehl’s and Malin+Goetz. The hotels
often like to choose unisex lines that have a fresh citrus or barely detectable
fragrance, rather than one with a lingering scent.

While you might not choose your hotel based on the
amenities in the bathroom, Stracey suggests that the right perks can make all
the difference in your stay. “Once you factor in all the little extras, like
the plushness of the towels, the softness of the robes,” he says, “getting to
use products that you love can turn a decent hotel experience into one that
you’ll want to repeat time and again.”

Bearing that (and TSA regulations) in mind, here’s a
curated list of which top products can be found in which luxury properties. But
you’re still going to have to pack your La Mer: the beauty brand doesn’t offer
its products in hotels.