Italia: By Rail or By Plane?

age fotostock/Alamy

We’ll tell you which way to go….

Thank God for the Frecciarossa. We decided at the last minute to change course from Naples to Milan. So we threw the EasyJet tickets in the garbage and booked a seat in the first-class compartment of the über train. Excess baggage charges on EasyJet can easily double the ticket price, but that’s not the case with Frecciarossa, which you can board without long security lines and—get this—show up for 15 minutes before departure. Upon arriving in Milan after the four-hour ride, we were just ten minutes and 15 euros from our favorite hotel, the Park Hyatt (rooms, from $660; Via Tommaso Grossi 1; 39-2/8821-1234;, as opposed to an hour and close to 100 euros had we taken the plane. From $135;