Idyllic Lakeside Hotels

Courtesy of The Point

For rooms with a view and more, check into one of these stunning escapes by the water.

Lakeside regions are no strangers to quiet, relaxation and calm. Lapping waters and sublime surroundings tend to produce nothing less—and that tranquility is why most guests gravitate toward the water in the first place. But top retreats go a step further, providing the absolute best of what their locales have to offer.

Some of these properties are so secluded that one-of-a-kind, on-site programing is the rule, not the exception. In Daylesford in Victoria, Australia, the appropriately named Lake House—which started out as a renowned culinary destination—grew into a one-stop shop when it opened its Salus Spa, incorporating the area’s numerous mineral springs into its treatments. (Its mineral spa bath is a 30-minute soak in a private tub in a treetop cabin, complete with perfect views of the property.)

At Ceylon Tea Trails in Sri Lanka’s tea country, where two of its four bungalows are located on the banks of Castlereagh Lake, guests can learn from the resort’s resident tea planter Andrew Taylor, a descendant of James Taylor—a Brit who introduced tea planting to Sri Lanka—who leads tours of the tea-making process. Just one of the ways Ceylon creates a site-defining experience, tea education joins other details, like croquet lawns outside every bungalow.

No matter your shoreline choice, expect a real treat. Here are our favorites.