Hotels with Local Followings

Courtesy of Atelier Ace by Spencer Lowell

From bustling rooftop bars to chic lobby shops, hotels are creating vibrant public spaces to attract homegrown attention.

A hotel’s main mission may be to house transient visitors from far and wide, but these days—arguably more than ever—they’re also directing some of their efforts into making good with the city’s locals.

Whether it’s providing quality coffee in the morning at the High Line Hotel in New York, comfortable space for high-powered business meetings at Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, a mix of boutique shopping experiences at The Joule in Dallas or a daytime gathering over beers at Ace Hotel’s terrace bar in Los Angeles, hotels are carving out spaces—often in their lobbies—for visitors and their local counterparts to interact.

“A hotel’s lobby is its heart and soul,” says Sean MacPherson, the mind behind the Jane, Bowery and Marlton hotels. “Ultimately, the only way to give a building life is to animate it with interesting people. Attracting locals to one’s hotel brings part of the city inside.”

Here, we explore eight hotels that create communities even a city’s natives can call their own.