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At the Edge of The World

Wormsloe State Historic Site in Savannah is likely the city’s most iconic spot. It’s home to a dusty path lined by two rows of doleful oak trees.


Georgia All Over

Touring the sensory experiences of a state that refuses to be neatly categorized.

LifeLabs MegaWarm: The Best Winter Jacket


The World’s Warmest Jacket

This deliciously pillowy puffer — made from 87% recycled materials — will keep you...

Benevolent Spirits

Wine and Spirits

Benevolent Spirits

A selection of alcohol-free mixers and aperitifs for a healthy, holistic cocktail...

You paddle around the vast turquoise waters enshrouded in vapor, your face bedaubed with the restorative silica mud that’s ladled out of pots along the perimeter. Set in a desolate Icelandic lava field between downtown Reykjavík and the airport, the Blue Lagoon is a primal lost world—one that owes its existence to a geothermal power plant. In 1976 engineers drilled 6,000 feet into the volcanic rock and brought up superheated, mineral-rich water, which after being harvested for electricity and discharged into a pool (at around 100 degrees) was discovered to have potent therapeutic qualities. Thus Iceland’s famous accidental spa was born. The facilities (offering steam baths, massages, and skin treatments) are currently undergoing an upgrade, due for completion this spring. The lagoon itself, however, remains blissfully untouched.


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