Africa Now: The Nairobi Terrorist Attack

David Gulden

As the DEPARTURES Africa issue debuts, our editors respond to the recent act of terrorism.

Just as our special Africa issue is published, news of a terrorist attack on a Nairobi shopping mall unfolds—a horrifying act of terrorism perpetrated by the militant group al-Shabab in response to Kenya’s military operations in Somalia.

At DEPARTURES, we know the world has hidden dangers. As a magazine based in New York City, we also believe such acts of terrorism should be met with relative defiance when the real purpose of terrorism is to create a culture of fear.

We would therefore encourage you to proceed with an informed perspective and balanced caution.

Anyone passing through Nairobi should attend to current State Department warnings. We also urge readers to understand the geography of this incident: a safari in Kenya is entirely possible without ever entering the city proper.

The whole purpose of this special Africa issue is the fact that we have done the work for you, ensuring there’s no need to step out on your own and discover new and unheard-of spots for shopping, eating or over-nighting. It remains vital to put yourself in the hands of a respected agent, detailed in the magazine, and to follow in the footsteps of our reporters, who write candidly and with authority.