8 Hotels in Royal Residences

From a prince’s palace in Austria to a Norman castle in Ireland, these eight new and newly renovated hotels give guests the chance to travel like kings and queens.

Courtesy of Toscana Resort Castelfalfi
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Toscana Resort Castelfalfi, Tuscany, Italy

This massively scaled and still-expanding resort—which will, when it’s completed, include two hotels, villas to rent and buy, a cooking school and a golf course across its 2,700-plus acres—occupies a hilltop village originally established by Lombard royals from farther north in the Italian peninsula. The property was later owned by the Medicis, who transformed the former castle into the residential villa that today houses Castelfalfi’s wine bar, fine-dining restaurant and culinary academy. Until the 120-room five-star hotel opens in 2016/2017, guests can rent a villa or village apartment, or book accommodations in the boutique-feeling 31-room stay that made its debut in the resort’s restored and renovated tobacco factory in March of 2013.

From $100; 50050 Montaione; 39-571/891-000; castelfalfi.co.uk.