10 Charming Small Hotels

Courtesy of Monteverdi

An intimate approach characterizes these places to stay.

The concept of luxurious micro-hotels, which often contain just a handful of rooms, is geared toward making a guest feel truly special. Rather than catering to hundreds at a time, these intimate places are able to focus almost solely on a select few, making for a stay that is particularly memorable.

From an aesthetic perspective, the approach seems to deeply inspire designers, who jump at the chance to express their creativity in smaller spaces. The rooms in the most remarkable of the breed are individually decorated, offering one-of-a-kind style and atmosphere.

Hotel Particulier, in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, for example, is one of them—a cozy lobby and five suites, each with a completely different look (and a good dose of quirk). For serious privacy, each of the three apartments that make up 3 Rooms in Milan has its own entrance, and Siem Reap’s One Hotel, which hosts visitors at Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat, has just a single suite. The entire staff is dedicated to fulfilling every wish, whether that involves a traditional Khmer massage on the roof or a guided tour of local art galleries.

Attentiveness (as much or as little as you’d like) and a welcoming spirit characterize the ten hotels on our list. They are the antidotes to anonymous, anodyne chains—and the perfect places to go when you crave an exclusive home base.