10 Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv

Courtesy of Alma Hotel

A fresh wave of hoteliers rolls out a new breed of places to stay with style and substance. 

For years visitors to Tel Aviv had two accommodation options: a friend’s home or one of several chain hotels located along the southern beachfront. The country was in notoriously short supply of hotel rooms (some estimates put the shortage in the thousands), and the obvious gap in the market was in need of filling.

Enter a new wave of hoteliers that has created a robust boutique-hotel scene in the last five years. These small-scale luxury establishments offer guests (and locals) a chance to discover the city in a new way, incorporating first-rate dining, intriguing design and a welcoming style.

Hotel Montefiore, which set the standard, is now a legend. The likes of the sophisticated Alma Hotel and Lounge and the Rothschild Hotel—set in a historic Bauhaus building—are creating their own followings. And all of the places on our list are rising to the occasion, offering a more relaxed and domestic approach to hospitality.