Max and Benjamin Goldberg's Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville natives and entrepreneurs Benjamin and Max Goldberg share their picks for dining, drinking, and sightseeing in their hometown, highlighting where to find Nashville's best bread pudding, cocktail menus, and hiking trails. The brothers own five businesses in Nashville, including restaurants Catbird Seat and Paradise Park—two of the most coveted tables in town.

What neighborhood do you live in and how long have you lived there? Benjamin Goldberg: We live in the Belmont-Hillsboro Neighborhood, just a couple blocks from 12th Avenue South, and we love it. We can walk to several shops and restaurants, as well as Sevier Park. We've been there three years, and it's really changed the way we live.

Where do you put up friends visiting town? BG: The Hutton (1808 West End Ave.; 615-340-9333;  

MG: Hermitage Hotel (231 6th Ave. N; 615-244-3121;

Where is the best place to find your hometown’s signature dish? MG: Arnold’s Meat and Three, the best restaurant in the country. Lots of signature dishes representing Nashville, but the bread pudding is out-of-this-world great (605 8th Ave. S; 615-256-4455; 

What is your favorite restaurant to take visitors? BG: Arnold’s Meat and Three. Personally, I love this place because the food is really great in a truly unique environment. It is cafeteria style, so grab your tray, pick out your items, and grab a table—you never know you will be eating next to. Most of the chefs in Nashville love the place, along with a lot of politicians and business people. The people-watching is pretty awesome at Arnold’s.

MG: City House for the Belly Ham Pizza with an egg on it (1222 Fourth Ave N.; 615-736-5838;

Where can you find the best cocktails? BG: Personally, I love Rolf and Daughters. While it is not a cocktail bar, it is an amazing restaurant with a phenomenal cocktail menu. It is great to have a few drinks and a couple of snacks at the bar. That is really the way I like to drink now (700 Taylor St.; 615-866-9897;

MG: I think City House has a great bar for a classic cocktail. Great selection of spirits, beer, and wine.

Where would you choose to splurge on a night out? MG: Anything Lisa Donovan is baking. I take “splurge” as eating way too much and indulging ( 

What is your go-to after-hours bar? MG: Acme (101 Broadway; 615-915-0888;   

What’s the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon in town? MG: Musicians Corner is a great way to see live music in a great park of the South (Centennial Park, 2500 W. End Ave; 812-371-3939). 

What is your Sunday morning routine in your neighborhood? BG: Sunday is my only family day, so I let my wife sleep in and I get up with the baby. We usually walk to brunch somewhere in the neighborhood, and then we just enjoy the day together as a family.  

MG: Sunday is the only true day I take off so I spend it with my bride to be, our friends, and family. My fiancé and I love going for a Sunday morning walk to Percy Warner Park and then explore different neighborhoods for brunch spots. Sunday night is always a family dinner night, which I cherish (7311 Hwy. 100; 615-352-6299).

Where is the best brunch? Max Goldberg: I would say Marche over in East Nashville. I've always loved going to brunch there. I think what they do is really great. Usually what happens is, they seat Benjamin or myself by the table next to the window, just because we order so much that it’s extra space to put the food, which is kind of embarrassing. It’s just an awesome experience and it’s a great place for brunch (1000 Main St.; 615-262-1111;

BG: Josephine. We live very close so I find myself eating here at least a couple times a month. Not only is the food great, the staff is amazing and makes you feel like you are just coming to their house. It is a really great experience (2316 12th Ave. S; 615-292-7766;  

Where do you go for the perfect cup of coffee? BG: Crema (15 Hermitage Ave.; 615-255-8311;  

MG: Crema or Barista Parlor (519 Gallatin Ave.; 615-712-9766; 

What’s your favorite view in town (that tourists might not know about)? BG: My favorite view in Nashville is on top of the Bicentennial Mall Amphitheater. It gives you such a unique view of the city (600 James Robertson Pkwy.; 615-532-0001). 

MG: View from the Nashville Sounds’ new baseball stadium (401 Jackson St.; 615-690-HITS;

What’s your favorite path or trail to follow on a walk? MG: Percy Warner. It is a beautiful hiking trail with a lot of Nashville history attached to it. 

What are your favorite offbeat cultural attractions? MG: Oz Arts. They do a great job of bringing in families, private events, and great shows (6172 Cockrill Bend Cir.; 615-350-7200;

What’s your favorite shop or boutique? BG: Whites Mercantile. This store is so unique and has so many interesting things. It carries everything—cookbooks, candles, trinkets, clothing, food, et cetera. It is like a modern day general store with truly amazing stuff (2908 12th Ave. S; 615-750-5379).

MG: Batch Nashville at the farmers market. They carry a wide variety of local and regional makers (900 Rosa L Parks Blvd.; 615-880-2001; 

What’s the best-kept local secret? BG: The Beacon Light. It is about an hour outside of Nashville and it a very special place for my family. The fried chicken, biscuits, and preserves are some of the best I have ever had. It is a really special place (6276 Hwy. 100; 931-670-3880; 

MG: The nachos at The Greenhouse Bar in Green Hills (2211 Bandywood Dr.; 615-385-3357; 

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