Travel Guide: What's New in Palo Alto

New hotels, restaurants, and cultural attractions offer business travelers—and visitors during Super Bowl 50—new opportunities in the tech-forward town.

Aubrie Pick
OF 12

In relatively no time at all, the small Northern California town of Palo Alto has become a poster child for the mythologized tech world, immortalized through pop-culture vehicles like Jobs and HBO's Silicon Valley. Yet, for a city lauded for its disruptors, the hotel and restaurant scene has remained surprisingly limited for years, with most of the town congregating at the area's few stalwarts. A recent crop of new hotels and restaurants is hoping to broaden the scene however, adding more of the cosmopolitan luxuries many of the area's locals and visitors already seek out in San Francisco an hour north. For those looking to mix a little pleasure with their business, here's a short list of the places worth staying, tasting, and exploring between meetings—and maybe even during that coveted day off.