Educating Travelers on Safety

Courtesy of Geosure

Traveling abroad? These tools will help keep you safe.

If the big travel trend for 2015 is fear (Ebola, ISIS, al-Shabaab), then one positive is the rise in improved security information for travelers beyond the advisories generated by the U.S. Department of State. GeoSure Global is a new app using up-to-date crime and safety statistics aggregated from multiple sources, as well as social-media–generated intelligence to deliver location-specific threat temperatures. When GeoSure reaches critical mass, it will become truly useful. Another company to know: ROCAM, which has long looked after media personnel in war zones. Via partner AKE Prime, ROCAM is now charging out security-risk specialists to accompany private travelers on the ground (for family safaris in Kenya, say, or hiking trips in Ethiopia), backed by 24-hour monitoring and a response center, at around $1,800 a day.