Trains: By the Numbers

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Fast facts about rail travel around the world.

Trivia about trains, stations, and railways.

98: The percentage of Americans who have never taken a city-to-city train.

268: The miles per hour reached by the fastest train in the world, the Shanghai Maglev Train, in China.

185: The age of Manchester's Liverpool Road, the world's oldest station. It was used from 1830 to 1975. Today it's a museum.

1.6 billion: The number of journeys that Brits made in 2013. They covered more than 37 billion miles.

.5356: The length in miles of the rail in Vatican City, the shortest railroad track in the world. It's mostly used for shipping goods.

297: The length in miles of the world's longest stretch of completely straight railway tracks, in Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

62: The percentage of UK rail rides that started and ended in London in 2012.

6,200: The length in miles of the "New Silk Road" route between Yiwu, China, and Madrid. In 2014 this route became the longest train route in the world.

139,700: The number of railway miles in the United States. That makes the country first in railway miles as of 2012.