Take a Tour of the International Space Station From Home

Sebastian Kaulitzki/Science Phot/Getty Images

This might be the ultimate armchair travel.

While travel was temporarily shut down amid the spread of COVID-19, many destinations sought to inspire wanderlust by providing virtual tours of stunning spots around the world. The Maldives, for example, had 17 virtual tours of its beautiful beaches and hotels available. But the newest one taking wanderlusters to new sites is out of this world…literally. Google Arts & Culture now has a 360-degree virtual tour of the International Space Station.

You can tour every part of the astronaut housing complex using the internet giant's Street View capabilities. Inside, you see every control and contraption, and you can wander down the 21-year-old spacecraft's halls. Even the astronaut's private quarters are available for viewing where you'll see some of their personal effects. Just above one sleeping pod, for example, is a book called "Atlas of the world." Plus, there are two suits rigged up, waiting for a spacewalk. 

Courtesy NASA

You could spend hours looking at the virtual tour and still discover something new. There are fun hidden details like stickers with signatures from astronauts adorning one wall as well as an assortment of condiments in what appears to be a dining area. And just like an astronaut in space, it's easy to lose track of what's up and down as you scroll through the ISS. 

Along with the tour, Google also added a space-themed program for children. In it, they cover topics and answer burning questions about what life is like in space. You'll learn things like how zero-gravity affects their bodies and how astronauts turn their urine into drinkable water. 

Other exhibits on the Space Exploration page include videos on the moon landing, information on women in space, and lots of space footage. This is all part of the company's effort to make culturally relevant places accessible to anyone with the internet. Google has also created virtual tours of famous attractions, national parks, and museums across the globe.