Top Scuba Diving Sites Around the World

For the adventurer looking for the unknown and the untouched, we’ve compiled a list of where—and when—to get your fix.

Karen Doody/Stocktrek Images / Getty Images
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Riviera Maya, Mexico

The cenotes around Riviera Maya—a stretch of Mexico’s northeastern Yucatán Peninsula—are deep, freshwater-filled sinkholes with intricate cave systems that entice divers from around the world. The turquoise waters punctuated by stalagmites and stalactites formed over millions of years require specialized training and skills, so it is not an option for most scuba divers. (Cavern tours can be done without the training, but the experience is limited.) A good guide will take the journey to the next level, and yet again, Graves is the expert to hire for exploring this choice dive spot. Best time to go: December through February;