Thanksgiving Travel: Destinations for Every Agenda

From countryside inns with full farm-to-table feasts to more adventurous escapes you can take on in five days, here are 11 suggestions for where to spend the Thanksgiving holiday this year. 

Ken Hayden Photography
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For most, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to spend full days cooking, catching up with extended family and friends, and sharing gratitude with loved ones. But it’s also a great excuse to travel. Whether you’re looking for a Thanksgiving destination for the whole family or a romantic escape that doesn't include your in-laws, we’ve got options for every agenda: Create your own personal sanctuary in a private villa at the new Paradise Beach resort on Nevis; plan a horseback riding trip through lava fields outside of Reykjavik, Iceland; or watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, 36 floors above the floats. Here, 11 ideas for how to best take advantage of a few extra days away from the office.