Will You Soon Be Able to Book a Flight Via Text?

Westend61/Getty Images

Spirit Airlines is launching a new customer communication platform next month.

Booking a flight has become increasingly easier over the years. With flight search websites comparing airline rates for you, it takes just a few clicks to plan a trip. But it could get even easier. How? Well, Spirit Airlines is planning to provide a booking service where travelers can book flights and change reservations simply by texting.

Beginning September 1, travelers can use the text messaging platform WhatsApp to inquire about flight information. You log on to the app and provide basic information about your request via a chatbot. From there, an agent will take over to help complete the request, and you will be given a link to complete the booking on an external site. 

The texting service will also help Spirit customers get help with their baggage questions, check flight information and status, and ask other questions about flying with the airline

“We launched this service to better connect with our guests, both domestically and abroad, as many have told us that they would rather communicate on a familiar and convenient service like WhatsApp,” said Bobby Schroeter, vice president of sales and marketing at Spirit Airlines, in a press release. “From travel updates to adding a bag to your reservation, this new messaging service allows guests to communicate with us in English and Spanish and to opt into WhatsApp messaging. It is all part of our goal to elevate and improve our guest experience.”

Spirit isn’t the only airline testing texting. Delta Air Lines has offered texting customer service for travelers with Apple devices, and Alaska Airlines has a similar service. United Airlines also said they’re looking into a chat platform for customers.  “We want to be available to connect with our customers on a variety of channels,” said United spokeswoman Maddie King. “And make it easy for them to reach us when they need support.”