Special Report: Traveling in Troubled Times

With the rise of globalized terrorism, the world has changed. So has voyaging around it. Adapting to this new reality demands a rethinking of the greatest luxury of all: security.

Travel: A Risk Worth Taking? 
Novelist Scott Anderson makes a case for the importance of travel in these hostile times. See the article »

A New Challenge for Hotels
Armed security is the last thing vacationers want to see when they enter and exit hotels. Here's how hotels are adapting to the today's harsh realities. See the article »


Visiting Iran
A lifelong lover of Persian culture journeys into the closed-off nation as economic sanctions begin to lift. See the article »

Istanbul, Still Thriving
The Turkish city has been getting a lot of good and bad press recently. A frequent visitor tells us what to know about planning a visit. See the article »

Egypt's Changed Landscape
Once one of the world's most tourist-frequented countries, recent events have caused the nation's numbers to drop significantly. See the article »

Long Live Palmyra
The historic site in war-ravaged Syria has a new home—online. See the article »


Bodyguards Abroad? 
More and more travelers are considering enlisting private security protection on their trips. See the article »

How to Comprehend Travel Warnings
The U.S. State Department's travel alert systems are great and necessary, but it is best utilized alongside a few others. See the article »

Anytime, Anywhere Assistance
American Express Platinum card members have access to the Premium Global Assist Hotline, which provides both emergency aid and destination guides. See the article »

Image Credit: Owen Freeman