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The Most Memorable Restaurant in Zurich

Media leader Scott Kraenzlein on beautiful restaurants, travel, and sunsets.

Highly subjective takes on life's most interesting experiences.

The most beautiful restaurant experience?

Kronenhalle in Zurich. It’s like dining in a museum.

What was your most surreal travel experience?

We moved to Cairo when I was in my teens. Seeing the pyramids for the first time was pretty overpowering and felt kinda unreal. Definitely one of the Seven Wonders.

The most dramatic sunsets and sunrises?

Manhattanhenge [when the sunsets and sunrises perfectly align with the east-west street grids of New York City].


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Our Contributors

Scott Kraenzlein Writer

Living between Berlin and London, Scott Kraenzlein is M.D. and partner of NATAAL Media. Having spent his childhood and adolescence in Canada, Germany, and the Middle East, he began his professional career in London, representing photographers such as Ellen von Unwerth, Mario Sorrenti, and Glen Luchford and creatives such as Peter Saville. An accomplished creative executive with over 25 years of experience, he has held senior roles throughout the advertising and design world, working extensively with a number of multinational brands in the UK, US, and Germany, among them Uniqlo, Givenchy, and Aldo Shoes.

Victoria Rosselli Illustrator

Victoria Rosselli is a multidisciplinary creative and consultant based in Brooklyn, New York, operating in media. She specializes in art direction and design for brand, film and editorial.


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