The Best Dishes We Ate in 2015

Dining is one of the great pleasures of traveling, and in 2015 we sampled dishes from our home base in New York to Beijing, Thailand, London, Copenhagen, and beyond. 

Laura Sant
OF 11

Pizza in New Haven, Connecticut

I ate a lot of great things this year, but the food adventure that sticks in my mind the most was a trip to New Haven I took early this fall (my first) where I ate at Frank Pepe’s (157 Wooster St.; 203-865-5762; Sally’s (237 Wooster St.; 203-624-5271;, and Modern Apizza (874 State St.; 203-776-5306;—all in the span of a few hours. Months later, I still think about the tomato pie we had at Sally’s—fresh and tangy with the most incredible crisp, flavorful crust. —Laura Sant, Digital Photo Editor