Where to Eat Modern Israeli Cuisine in America

The best restaurants from New York to Charleston, Philly to the Bay Area, serving the exquisitely diverse melting pot cooking that is contemporary Israeli fare.

Andrew Cebulka
OF 13

Modern Israeli cuisine is having a moment. Across Israel, chefs are inviting their diverse backgrounds into the kitchen. They are reimagining the traditional dishes cooked by their families and neighbors—from locations as far flung as Lithuania and Libya to Greece and Iraq—and pairing them with classic culinary technique and ingenuity to create a delicious cuisine that is at once age-old and excitingly new. Over the last decade, some of these chefs have begun to spread the gospel of Modern Israeli cuisine abroad, introducing Middle Eastern ingredients like za'atar, pomegranate molasses, and preserved lemons, and dishes like shakshuka (North African tomato-poached eggs) and kibbeh (bulgur and lamb croquettes) into the American culinary lexicon. Thanks to these pioneering chefs, Israeli cuisine in this country now means so much more than just falafel and baba ganoush. Here are some of the restaurants doing it best. 

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