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Secrets Menus, Champagne On-Demand And Seclusion: Rosina Hits The High Notes


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Mango Italiano

A drink from The Court at Rome’s Palazzo Manfredi hotel.

Stepping into Rosina, a new bar at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, and you are taken into a hidden world — one that exists only steps from the casino floor but feels miles away. The interior reflects an old school, glamorous train car, while the exterior shows a stunning façade of solid brass molding and custom-shaped glass resembling a faceted jewelry box.

“The bar is the focal point at Rosina. But given the intimacy of the space, guests’ eyes will draw toward the warm and opulent crystal chandeliers that hang above plush oversized banquette booths that envelope you and provide a level of comfort and intimacy not easily found in Las Vegas,” said Patrick Lang, Vice President of Global Restaurant and Nightlife Development for Las Vegas Sands Corp.

But the experience isn’t all about looks. Rosina’s staff strives to make even the smallest details important, delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for every guest.

“Everything from the design of the space to the ingredients used in the cocktails was meticulously thought out to deliver the guest a luxury experience. The artisan ice is embossed with a Rosina ‘R’ at the top by the bartender and only top quality spirits and fresh ingredients are used in each drink. Each piece of glassware was selected to provide a unique and beautiful presentation when the guest’s cocktail arrives,” Lang said.

According to mixologist Sam Ross, who partnered with hospitality veteran David Rabin on The Dorsey, located in the Venetian, and again on Rosina, there is a focus on the classic cocktail done right, stacking the menu with beloved originals such as the Old Fashioned, French 75 and the Dark ‘N Stormy.

However, Ross noted, the bar also stocks seasonal ingredients and will make bespoke cocktails with liquor selected by the guest.

“Seasonal, fresh fruit will be a staple at Rosina. You might visit Rosina during a time when mangos are in season and your bartender or server would recommend a mango daiquiri, or another visit when melon is the seasonal fruit. All the favorites on the menu can be customized to the guest’s personal taste,” Ross said.

This isn’t where the upscale experience ends. Hidden amongst the mirrored columns between seating areas are four champagne call buttons, designed to allow guests to top off their flutes at a moment’s notice.

“Guests may push the button, which will light up and signal the server to return with a bottle of Rosina house champagne–Ruinart rosé. Guests can sip on Ruinart or they may select another champagne option on the menu,” said Lang.

And, for those still yearning for more to discover, lead bartender Evan Hosaka revealed there is a secret cocktail menu featuring five variations of the Mint Julep, ranging from coffee-flavored to one made with Mezcal and dashed with rosewater.


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