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Resy Created a Guide to Takeout and Delivery So You Can Support Your Local Restaurants

You can still eat well while social distancing.


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In response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, a number of state governments have mandated the closure of restaurants, bars, and other small businesses to prevent the further spread of the virus. The closures have had a major impact on the hospitality industry, leaving countless restaurants to navigate an uncertain future. However, one company has found a way to support local eateries in the US and abroad.

Resy just unveiled full city guides to restaurants offering takeout and delivery, allowing diners to support their favorite local spots while adhering to the CDC guidelines of social distancing. Some of these restaurants have always provided this service but others recently introduced delivery and takeout options in light of the pandemic.

“Even during these challenging times, many Resy restaurants are still ready to serve you,” reads the website. “Some are simply offering pickup on-site, ordered via phone or Resy pickup features, while others are using third-party delivery services. Either way, this is one way to support your neighborhood during these uncertain times.”

So far, there are 18 cities listed from coast to coast, plus London and Sydney. The list for Manhattan, as an example, is so long you could likely order from a different spot every night for the next two months. And there’s every type of cuisine imaginable available, too, from Thai to Italian.

Just remember, it’s important to follow some hygiene protocol when doing takeout or delivery. Try to avoid peak hours if you’re planning to pick up a meal to reduce the number of people you come into contact with, immediately throw out packing materials when home, wash your hands and disinfect surfaces. For delivery, request contactless delivery where the courier drops off the food in a designated location like your doorstep. Then follow the same disposal and cleaning rules.

If you know of a business not on the list, Resy made it easy to fill out a form online to be added.


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