New York’s Best Whiskey Bars

From an exclusive, members-only lounge to an elegant, two-story sports bar, these ten gems serve top-shelf selections in the most elegant environments.

Courtesy The Flatiron Room
OF 11

The Flatiron Room

This expansive venue offers a dizzying array of spirits to choose from—many of which are displayed in lieu of artwork in backlit alcoves along the walls—but the extensive whiskey list proves this spirit is still the main event. Vested waiters bring bottles tableside for inspection, along with water and ice so you can fix your dram the way you like it. The “Bottle Keep” program allows regulars to buy an entire bottle of their favorite expression to keep behind the bar’s locked display cases, and for an annual fee of $1,500 connoisseurs can join the “Blue Bloods” club to sample limited releases and meet master distillers. 37 W 26th St.; 212-725-3860;