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Learn to Cook Authentic Mexican Dishes With This Hotel's Resident Grandmother

There’s nothing better than a homemade meal from an abuelita.


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Many luxury hotels offer in-house fine dining with some of the world’s best chefs at the helm. But, is there anything better than grandma’s home cooking? Esperanza resort, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property in Los Cabos doesn’t think so, and that's exactly why they have a resident grandmother who teaches guests how to cook.

The private beach property recently launched two experiences where abuelita, Inés Agama, shows you how to make home-style tamales and tortillas. Tortillas by Abuelita is a 60-minute workshop where you learn to prepare “masa” to make delicious Mexican tortillas just as the locals do. You have the choice of creating Nixtamal corn or organic flour tortillas, and guests have the option of upgrading to the classic taco and quesadilla fillings like beef, prawns, chicken, vegetables, or authentic cheeses for a complete meal.

Tamales by Abuelita lets you participate in a ritual that has been a part of Mexican life for generations. Over 90 minutes, you’ll prepare handmade corn tamales using favorite local fillings such as salsa verde pork, chicken tinga, and poblano chili. Once the tamales are ready to serve, Agama will deliver your meal in the comfort of your villa.

So, who is this resident grandmother? Agama was born in Guerrero, Mexico (a small town near Acapulco), is the mother of seven and grandmother to 19 grandchildren. The 67-year-old learned how to make tortillas by hand at the age of six after she and her three younger brothers were left in the care of her grandmother. Since Agama’s grandmother was frail, she stepped up and helped her with household duties. As time went by, she developed more cooking techniques and became an expert in making tortillas, tamales, and all traditional Mexican dishes.

The programming was created to connect Esperanza’s guests with the culture and people of Mexico, according to the property. It’s a continued effort with Auberge to invite guests to escape, reconnect, and create cherished memories.

Prices start from $250 per villa with an add-on meal costing $35 per person.


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