Dining Agenda: New Restaurants and Food News January 2017

A global list of new and notable places to eat and drink

La Zebra, Colibri Boutique Hotels
OF 15

Mexico: Noma Residency

René Redzepi has turned the wild success of Noma into an opportunity for his team to travel, first establishing pop-ups in Japan and Australia, and now Mexico. From April 12, 2017, through May 28, 2017, the entire kitchen will reunite with former sous chef Rosio Sanchéz (Hija de Sanchez) at La Zebra in the trendy resort town of Tulum to develop a new and original menu using only local and indigenous Mexican ingredients. Leading up to the installation, the Noma team have already begun to develop their vision for the Noma Mexico residency, traveling across the diverse regions of the country in search of inspiration, flavors, and preparations. Though the tickets sold out within a matter of seconds, you can still get on the wait list by visiting their website—and you’ll want to do it now. noma.dk.