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Thanks to Prohibition, speakeasies became a thing. Back in the 1920s, having a hidden bar was out of necessity. Today, they’re more of a unique libation experience that many hotels and restaurants try out. But that experience is always for the 21+ crowd. That is until now. Swapping cocktails for chocolate, the Secret Chocolate Room at Club Med Michés Playa Esmeralda will be a first-of-its-kind kid’s speakeasy featuring unlimited sweets crafted with locally-sourced cocoa.

How will it work? Throughout dinner at family-friendly restaurant Cacao & Co, children will receive clues to crack the code needed to enter the hidden room. Once they find the room’s secret location after dinner and type in the code, magical doors will open featuring a spectacle of sounds and light, granting access to a room full of unlimited splendor. Inside, children can enjoy three different types of chocolate fountains, as well as additional dessert options like candies, cakes, ice cream, and more.

While this experience is great for children, adults can also join in on the fun as well. As long as they make dinner reservations at the Cacao & Co. restaurant, they will be provided access to the Secret Chocolate Room – if they can find it and crack the code.

The concept is part of the new hotel’s refined culinary and beverage program. Executive Chef Thierry Van Rillaer, who trained at several Michelin two- and three-star restaurants in Brussels, will oversee the menu, teams, and operations of the resort’s four all-inclusive restaurants. His vision will combine the best of local produce with his own unique savoir-faire.

Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda, in general, will mark Club Med’s first Exclusive Collection resort in the Americas and will be the first to open on the unspoiled beach of Miches in the Dominican Republic. In addition to the four unique restaurants, there will also be four open-bar lounges, three wine cellars, and a locally-sourced coffee house.

The 93-acre property is set to open November 23.


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