We Are What We Eat: Chefs and Bartenders Predict Top Food Trends for 2017

Wondering what you’ll be eating and drinking the most next year? Top food and beverage industry experts from around the U.S. (Danny Meyer, Ivy Mix, and Jose Garces, among them) give us the inside scoop on the forthcoming food fads for 2017.

Jody Horton
OF 29

Bryce Gilmore, Chef/Owner

Odd Duck and Barley Swine, Austin

"We’ve been calling it 'gas station food.' Think egg salad sandwiches, jerkys, chips and crackers, etc. At Odd Duck we’ve made housemade Cheez-its and put nacho and pepperoni spices in dishes and it adds a playful element to the dish. If you read any popular, mainstream food media, that's where the trends are headed. I see fried chicken sandwiches, 'twists' on corn dogs and hot dog toppings, and more everywhere—and that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. I think Indian food is in an upswing, specifically Southern Indian cuisine like super spicy Indian food and dosas. Also Eastern European street food from Russia and Latvia. I don't want to fully say this thought is political, but I think Americans are, for better or for worse, paying more attention to cultures outside the U.S. Some of us are embracing and celebrating that and therefore open to trying cuisines from other cultures."