We Are What We Eat: Chefs and Bartenders Predict Top Food Trends for 2017

Wondering what you’ll be eating and drinking the most next year? Top food and beverage industry experts from around the U.S. (Danny Meyer, Ivy Mix, and Jose Garces, among them) give us the inside scoop on the forthcoming food fads for 2017.

Melissa Hom
OF 29

Danny Meyer, Restaurateur/CEO

Union Square Hospitality Group, New York

"Fine Casual has staying power because smart businesses are realizing that you can give discerning guests a quick and moderately priced dining experience that makes no compromises on ingredients or food quality. Restaurants like Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, Tender Greens, and Cava have proved that it's possible to deliver quality, speed, and savings, and people are clearly responding. Growth in the Fine Casual industry is being accelerated by a surge in mobile ordering and delivery. And high-tech for high-touch: Technology will never replace face-to-face hospitality, but the best technology can enhance our ability to take even better care of guests. Companies that use tech to bolster customer service—rather than to replace staff—will see the payoff in loyalty and word-of-mouth raves."