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Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and Krug Champagne Team Up for Summer’s Most Decadent Meal

If you're not celebrating National Fried Chicken Day with Champagne, are you even celebrating it at all?


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Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with a sophisticated cheer.

In honor of the edible holiday on Friday, July 6, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and Krug Champagne are tag-teaming for an unlikely and decadent meal.

At one of Blue Ribbon’s two New York City locations (in the East Village), diners can order a “birds and bubbles” bucket celebration. The $145 meal includes four pieces of Blue Ribbon fried chicken, two sides and two glasses of Krug Rosé Champagne.

Options for sides include pickled cucumbers, coleslaw, spicy slaw, hush puppies, smoked mac and cheese or corn and bacon.

It’s the perfect shareable meal to show your date you’re equal parts fancy and down-to-earth. Plus, there’s something about the pairing of Champagne and fried chicken (slight acidity and grease) that just works.

The rosé Champagne was specially chosen to pair alongside the fried chicken because it is “the most non-conformist of Krug Champagnes,” according to Eric Lebel, the chef de caves of Krug. The Champagne is unusually delicate, with “floral accents and notes of dried or stewed fruit” that cut through the flaky crust of the fried chicken.

Plus, it’s just pure fun to clink glasses of Champagne over a bucket of fried chicken.

The offer is available until Tuesday, July 31.


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