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The 10 Best Pizza Slices in New York

Where to score the best slices in the city that never sleeps.


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There's no food quite as divisive as pizza. It’s not that some people don’t like the cheesy dish—in fact, it’s America’s favorite comfort food—but rather, people simply can’t agree on who makes it best.

Pizza shops all over the U.S. claim to have the best slice, the best deep dish, or the most inventive toppings. However, only New York can claim that it's the home of pizza in the United States: When Lombardi's, a pizzeria in Little Italy, obtained its restaurant license in 1905, it became the first pizza shop in the country.

Of the hundreds of pizza spots that have opened in the city since, here are 10 that are truly not to be missed.

Best Sicilian-Style Pizza: Prince Street Pizza

Prince Street Pizza took over for Ray’s Pizza in 2012 and has been upping the ante on Sicilian-style pizza ever since. For those not in the know, Sicilian slices in the U.S. are typically thick-crust square pieces, and that’s something Prince Street does perfectly. Opt for the Spicing Spring Pie, which comes with Fra Diavolo sauce, spicy pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella. 27 Prince St.

Best Classic Slice: Patsy’s Pizza

Patsy’s, which first opened its doors in 1933, has kept things the same for 85 years. While it’s added a few newer specialty pies to its menu, diners can’t go wrong by ordering its classic cheese pizza that comes with a crust that's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, fresh tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. 2287 First Ave.

Best Cheese Topping: Pizza Suprema

For those on the hunt for a seriously cheesy slice, head to Pizza Suprema. There, diners can dig into its famous white pizza, which comes topped with imported romano, ricotta and grande mozzarella cheeses. 413 8th Ave.

Best Pepperoni: DiFara Pizza

Brooklyn's DiFara Pizza is the ideal destination for anyone looking to sit back, relax, and slowly enjoy a pie. The shop first opened in 1964, and Domenico De Marco has been behind the counter crafting delicious pies ever since. De Marco hand-makes each and every slice, so visitors may have to wait a while for their order, but it’s well worth it. At the shop, ask De Marco to make you a regular pizza topped with pepperoni. 1424 Avenue J.

Best Supreme Pizza: Rubirosa Ristorante

Though Rubirosa Ristorante offers a complete menu of Italian favorites including pasta and salads, its pizzas should not be ignored. Its pies come with so many toppings visitors will barely have any crust to grab. To maximize the topping experience, order the Rubirosa Supreme, which comes with tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, mini meatballs, and roasted garlic. 235 Mulberry St.

Best Vegan Pizza: Screamer’s Pizzeria

Nobody should be left out in the cold when it comes to pizza in New York. Thankfully, Screamer’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has got non-meat eaters covered. The shop offers up everything from classic pies made with vegan cheese, to inventive alternatives like its Clean Slide pizza made with long hot pepper pesto, broccolini, seitan sausage, vegan cheese, tomato sauce stripes, sesame seed crust. It’s so good that even carnivores will be pleased. 620 Manhattan Ave.

Biggest Slice: The Pizza Barn

In a world where size matters, The Pizza Barn would be king. This pizza parlor in Yonkers is the home of the two-foot pizza slice. Yes, a full 24 inches of pizza all in one massive piece of pie. And the slices don’t just come in cheese: white pizza, salad super slices, BBQ super slices, and more are also on offer. The slices start at just $12 each, so go ahead and order two for good measure. 670 McLean Avenue.

Best Price: Joe’s Pizza

Great pizza doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Just look at Joe’s Pizza as the prime example. The pizza shop, which has been operating since 1975, has been serving up delicious slices for decades and at just $2.75 per slice. Tha means visitors can buy a slice for the same price as a subway ride. 7 Carmine St.

Best Thin-Crust: Vezzo Thin Crust

If a delicious thin-crust pizza is on your wishlist, head over to Vezzo Thin Crust. Vezzo’s specializes in super thin, super crunchy crusts, that not only satisfy everyone, but also allow for the toppings to shine. At Vezzo’s diners can enjoy everything from a classic cheese to an ultra-deluxe Greek creation. 178 Lexington Ave.

Best Late-Night Eats: Archie’s Pizza

Let’s face it—pizza just tastes better after midnight. For the best pizza after dark, head to Archie’s Pizza. There, visitors can grab a slice or an entire pie until 4 a.m. But, have no fear as the pizza shop opens again at 11 a.m. for all the non-night owls out there. 128 Central Ave.


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