The Very Best Pizza in America

These 17 pizza makers from coast to coast are truly “upper crust.”

The Boston Globe / Getty Images
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It is hard to imagine a food more devotion-worthy than pizza. After all, even bad pizza is good pizza. And at its best—an intoxicating jumble of crust, sauce, and cheese—it’s nothing short of sublime. But with any devotion comes strong opinions, and taste is nothing if not subjective.

Yet, in a country that is home to an ever-growing class of truly excellent pizza makers, the very best still find a way to rise to the top. To make our list, we roped in some of the nation’s experts, including Tasting Table senior editor Devra Ferst, walking pizza encyclopedia and founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours Scott Wiener, master pizza-making instructor Mark Bello (of Pizza a Casa Pizza School), and Margot’s Pizza founder Adam Kuban (formerly of Slice and Serious Eats). After much deliberation, we arrived at the 17 restaurants from coast to coast that—in addition to serving up pies with the perfect crust—offer something extraordinary: significant historical chops, a signature style or philosophy, and an indisputable designation of best in class.

Here, our short list for the best pizza in America now.