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9 Organic Restaurants Healthy Travelers Will Love

From Texas to Tokyo, these health-conscious (and delicious) restaurants are well worth the trip.


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Traveling is often synonymous with eating rich, heartburn-inducing meals. Of course, there are can't-miss indulgences in every destination—pasta in Italy, mole in Mexico City, steak in Austin—but it's also true that finding fresh, organic food has never been easier. Here, we've picked nine excellent health-conscious restaurants to visit now, from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Cafe Gratitude, Los Angeles

Looking for a quick and healthy bite in the City of Angels? Head to Cafe Gratitude, which has locations in Venice, Downtown L.A., and Beverly Hills. Visitors will not only find a large menu of organic goodies—like the Vivid Bowl, which is made with quinoa granola and acai—but they’ll also be asked by their waiter to ponder what they're grateful for and share it with the table. A little food for the soul never hurt anyone, right?

Ecru, Rome

Since Ercu opened in 2015, it has brought Romans and tourists alike a taste of some truly magnificent organic and vegan bites. Diners can discover dishes like raw noodle plates and vegan sushi, plus plates made with vegan cheeses and smoothies blended with yummy nut milks. Our pick? Try pairing a noodle dish with one of the restaurant's locally-sourced organic wines.

Aro Hā Wellness Resort, Glenorchy, New Zealand

For next-level organic eating, book a stay at the Aro HāWellness Resort in New Zealand. This property offers intensive wellness retreats that include yoga, meditation, and nutrient-dense vegetarian cuisine meant to cleanse the body. Retreat leaders also lead cooking classes so participants can bring new skills home and continue with organic, clean, vegetarian eating all year round.

Alchemy, Bali

It's no secret that Bali is a destination for healthful, vibrant experiences—and Alchemy fits right in. Diners can expect distinctive salads, fresh pressed green juices, and even a few organic desserts. Also try the smoothie bowls, which are made-to-order with personalized toppings.

Birdsong Organic Cafe, Mumbai

Birdsong Cafe, located in West Bandra, isn’t just for vegans. The cafe serves a wide selection of organic offerings (including meats, vegetables, and fruits) plus gluten-free options. Try one of the cafe’s pastas (also available gluten-free) followed by a giant cookie, which are baked right in-shop and provide the perfect sugar rush to keep exploring Mumbai.

Ojo de Agua, Mexico City

Juicing is already popular in Mexico City, but perhaps nobody does it better than Ojo De Aqua. This cafe, located in the Colonia Condesa neighborhood, offers a variety of juices in a rainbow of colors—we love the Sweet Green Juice—alongside fruit and vegetable dishes. Diners can choose to stay and eat their freshly-made salads and sandwiches in the shop or opt for takeout to continue exploring.

Zucchini, Wilderness, South Africa

Zucchini, located in the Timberlake Organic Village in Wilderness, may be one of the coolest spots on our list. Its unique meals—served either outside in the sunshine or inside next to the restaurant’s rounded fireplace—make it the perfect destination for a slow and joyful organic meal. Try the vegetarian platter, made with organically grown vegetables from the restaurant’s own farm, and pair it with a classic cocktail.

Daylight Kitchen, Tokyo

Tokyo's Daylight Kitchen, a large natural foods cafe, is a popular lunch spot serving both meat and vegan options. Order the vegan lunch plate (and add a vegan protein option to fill out your meal and your belly). The restaurant is also a dinner destination, though the kitchen may stop serving a full hour before closing—so if you want in, get in early.

Honest Mary’s, Austin

Honest Mary's, a fast-casual eatery, is bringing some seriously appetizing grain bowls and salads to Austin. All meals and ingredients are handmade each day, but our favorite is the Songbird Bowl, which includes black forbidden rice, green lentils, steamed kale, rainbow carrots, Texas beets, toasted pumpkin seeds, and tahini citrus miso sauce.


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