Year in Review: The Best Restaurants of 2016

A look back at the year in food, and some of the most important eateries, trends, and food-focused initiatives we experienced in 2016.

Courtesy Tartine
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The abolishment of tipping. Upscale chefs opening more affordable—and fast-casual—restaurants. An increase in our ever-growing collective appetite for vegetables. 2016 sure saw a number of shifts in the country’s restaurant industry, and this list is just the beginning.

The best restaurants that opened in 2016 also demonstrated our extreme interest in Middle Eastern restaurants, which reach a hummus-slathered apex this year. Fine-dining chefs also traded in some of their frilled edges for pizza and burgers, while restaurants that embrace healthiness went mainstream. From north to south, east to west, our eating habits took on some seismic changes over the past 12 months. Here, a look at some of the most influential and exciting new restaurants to have defined 2016.