Where to Eat in Paris Now

A dozen new restaurants, boulangeries, bistros, and cafés that are lighting up the city’s legendary dining scene.

Laurence Mouton
OF 13

It’s true, after the horrific attacks in Paris a few months ago, the mood in the city changed dramatically. Parisians did heed the warnings of officials and stay off the streets and away from their beloved cafés, bars and restaurants, but thankfully not for long. In a show of defiance directed at those who would seek to destroy their way of life, and in an effort to support local businesses, Parisians have made their way back out and about in force.

This is an exciting time to dine in Paris. While the city has been barraged with hipster cafés and restaurants serving American influenced cuisine over the last few years, the end of 2015 and the start of the New Year have seen the rebirth of the bistro and a return to traditional French cooking—with a twist. New restaurants serving classic French dishes using the freshest ingredients have emerged, old favorites have been restored, and Michelin-starred classics have refreshed their menus while opening new digs—all proof that Paris’s robust dining culture will endure, no matter what.